Is your cat a worrier? Or do certain situations make them nervous? In this article we look at how we can make nervous or fearful cats feel more secure.

Cats tend to be cautious animals by nature and will approach most situations with care. This doesn’t always mean that they’re scared, but rather that they like to take the time to suss out the situation before they get involved.

Different cats will likely react in different ways to the same situation. How a cat reacts will be down to past experience combined with their learned or inherited behavioural traits. So, one cat might take the noise of the vacuum cleaner in their stride whereas other cats will dive under the sofa or make their escape through the cat flap.

We all tend get to know the things that make our cats frightened, and can do our best to keep them away from situations they don’t like. Here’s a few tips to help your cat stay calm and relaxed:

1. Cats like predictability and routine! Wherever possible, try to make sure your cat’s bed, scratching post, water and food bowls don’t get moved around the house. Familiar surroundings keep cats feeling calm whereas lots of changes around the house can make them nervy.

2. Cats like hiding places! Giving your cat a bed in a quiet corner away from the busy goings on around your house will offer your cat a sanctuary. In particular, cats like to be up high so will enjoy having a bed on top of a wardrobe or bookshelf. Just make sure your cat has a way to get up and down easily as being stuck will not help them stay calm!

3. Cats like to be in control! Cats prefer to interact in their own way and in their own time. Sudden movements, loud noises or even direct eye contact can unnerve your cat. Cats tend to gravitate toward the people who ignore them rather than those who seek out their attention. Interacting with cats on their own terms will help them to feel happier and more relaxed.

By getting to know the things that help your cat feel calm, and avoiding those things that stress them out, you’ll help them to make sense of the world. If you’d like to talk to us about any specific concerns with your cat’s behaviour just get in touch.