Back at the beginning of March, the weather was a little bit tricky if you were trying to get anywhere. The snow might be a distant memory for most now, but you’ll probably still remember it clearly if you were unlucky enough to have been stranded on the roads or railways. It got us thinking… because some of the people who were stranded whilst travelling would have been with their pets.

Would you be prepared if you and your pets experienced a long delay when travelling or if you got stuck miles from home overnight?

If you’re travelling with your pets, particularly in the car, it’s worth carrying an emergency kit for them as well as for you! A good emergency kit should contain:

– Drinking water and bowl

– Blankets to help your pets keep warm in cold weather

– Towels in cases your pets get wet unexpectedly

– A first aid kit in case of injury

– Extra food in case you get delayed 

– Any medication which your pet would normally need

It’s good to keep these sort of things in the car all year round as you never know when you might need them! We hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us, but delays on the road can occur any time of year and carrying some supplies might make them a little bit more comfortable!

It’s also important to keep in mind what would happen if your pet disappeared when away from home. Pets can get spooked when in strange environments and can get themselves lost as a result. Keeping your pet’s microchip information up to date is a crucial to help you get reunited. Remember this is different to the information held about you by your clinic, but you can find out your pet’s microchip provider using the Check a Chip service online at

Plus it’s always worth checking the details on pet tags are correct and that both collars and tags are securely attached.

Help to make travelling with your pets as stress free as possible by following these tips!