The diet starts next week… isn’t that what people always say?! But what would your pets say if they were told it’s time to review how much they’re eating and how much they’re exercising? Getting the right balance of food and exercise for our pets isn’t always easy. That can be especially true if you have pets who constantly tell you how hungry they are!

But our pets do benefit from a balanced diet that’s tailored to their particular needs, along with right amount of exercise for their age and abilities. Here we look at a few tips for keeping your pet in great shape.

Food, food glorious food!

Your pet’s diet should be determined according to their species, breed, age and level of activity. It’s not always easy to know what’s right, but that’s why we’re here to help. Diet plays an important role in overall health so why not talk to us about whether you’re feeding the right foods in the right quantities. We’ll be able to recommend a food tailored to the needs of your pet as well as advise on portion size and how to give your pets healthy treats!

Weight a minute!

It’s also a good idea to monitor your pet’s weight regularly. Getting any pet on to your bathroom scales is likely to be a challenge and perhaps not that accurate, but you can always get a weight check in the clinic. Measuring weight is usually the best way to see if your pets have the right balance of diet and exercise. If you observe any changes in your pet’s weight, its always worth getting it checked out. In some cases weight changes can caused by an underlying condition unrelated to how much your pets eat, or how much they run around, so its always worth keeping up to date with weight checks as a way to keep an eye on overall health.

Dietary needs and exercise requirements can also change as our pets age. As our pets get older they are likely to run around a little less and may gain a bit of weight. Some of us may not have reviewed how much our pet is eating or how much they are exercising for some time. It’s therefore worth regularly reviewing calorie intake and exercise levels as our pets get older. If you’re worried about changes in your pet’s weight, or would just like to take the opportunity to review your pet’s diet and exercise requirement, just get in touch.

You can get a Weight and Nutrition Check at the clinic, so if you’d like any advice about the right diet or appropriate levels of exercise for your pet, we’re here to help.