We’ve all got our fingers crossed for some more good weather over the next few months! If the skies are kind to us, why not take the opportunity to give your pets’ bedding a spring clean!

We understand that there isn’t always time to think about how clean our pets’ beds are, but a good wash a few times a year can help our pets stay fresh and healthy. Dirt, dust, and hair can make pet beds smelly and unhygienic so here are our 5 top tips for washing pet bedding!

1. Vacuum before washing

If you’ve ever put a pet bed through the wash without vacuuming it first, you may have ended up with a washing machine full of pet hair, or a bed still covered in hair! Vacuum first and even consider using a lint brush for fine or embedded hairs.

2. Remove padding if it’s possible

How many of us have bought a pet bed that looks great without thinking about whether it can be easily washed?! Most beds come with removable padding or stuffing so take this out before washing. If there’s no way the padding’s coming out, you’ll have to wash the whole thing. But beware that wet foam or padding can retain a lot of water!

3. Use non-biological detergent

Our pets can have sensitive skin so a non-biological detergent is likely to avoid causing them any irritation. If you know your pet is prone to skin complaints, it’s worth chatting to us about the best washing products for sensitive skin.

4. Use a hot setting where possible (but check the label first!)

If the aim of washing your pet bedding is to get it smelling and feeling fresh then hot water will usually help. It is worth seeing if there are any washing instructions first to avoid the dreaded shrinking! Your pets won’t be pleased if their favourite bed becomes a size smaller!

5. Air dry outside if you can

Finally, if you’ve got as far as drying your pet bed – well done! Air drying outside will help make it smell fresh and new, but remember foam or stuffing can stay wet for quite some time so be sure that your pet’s bed is dry right through.

Here’s hoping there’s some more good weather!