Most pet owners will worry if they see a lump or bump on their pet. Not all lumps will be sinister, but it’s always important to get any lump, however small, checked out…

Lumps can sometimes appear as if from nowhere – one day they weren’t there and the next you’ve spotted something. It’s not always easy to tell how long a lump has been there unless you check your pets daily. Even then, lumps can be hidden by fur – especially on long haired pets.

But it’s worth giving your pet a regular check for lumps whether as part of grooming or simply when you’re stroking them. Sometimes lumps become apparent if your pet is chewing or licking at them, so keep an eye out for unusual or excessive grooming from your pets.

If you do find a lump, don’t panic! But do get an appointment booked with us as soon as possible. Your vet will be able to examine the lump and let you know if further testing is required.

The nature of some lumps can be identified from a visual check, but often a sample will need to be taken from the lump in order to find out what it is. Sometimes, the best action may be to monitor the lump to see if it changes in shape or size and you may be asked to take photos or measurements in order see if things change.

Not all lumps are nasty, but you won’t know unless you get them checked. If you spot any sort of lump or bump on your pet, whatever the size, we’re here to help you get it checked out.