The diet starts next week!

At least that’s what a lot of people say to themselves! But what about your pets? Do they feel the same as us about diet and exercise?

For many of us there’s never quite enough time for that run after work or another slice of cake can be just too tempting. But what about your pets? Ok, so you’re probably not going to find your cat thinking about how many trees they’ve climbed each day or your dog worrying about their waistline. But our pets do benefit from a balance diet and the right amount of exercise just like we do. Knowing how much food to give and how much exercise our pets need though isn’t always easy.

Food, food glorious food!

Some of us will have pets who are more motivated by food more than anything else! Many of us will have cats that come running to the sound of the food cupboard opening or dogs that can sniff out a treat from a mile away! Some pets may be less motivated by food or graze during the day rather than wolf down every last bite. Either way, it’s a great idea to ask talk to us about how much your pet should be eating based on their breed, age and level of activity. It’s always worth keeping your pet’s diet under review because they can benefit from adjustments to their diet as they age. We’re always on hand to help whatever you need to know.

Weight a minute!

It’s also a good idea to monitor your pet’s weight regularly too. Getting any pet on to your your kitchen or bathroom scales is likely to be a challenge, so you can always call into your clinic for a weight check. We have accurate and easy to use scales and you can get FREE weight and nutrition advice from our nursing team.