Farm Animals

We constantly strive to provide the highest level of veterinary care to our farm animal clients. Our full range of services are explained below.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Planned health and fertility visits – battery operated scanner

  • Routine dis-budding, dehorning and castrating

  • Whole herd investigation including mastitis, lameness, nutrition and disease outbreak

  • Herd Health Planning and disease surveillance

  • Vaccination protocols

  • Bull health check, fertility testing and semen assessment

  • 24 hour emergency care – vet answers on call phone

  • Farmers’ meetings and walks

  • Monthly newsletters including offers and promotions


Lameness may affect other aspects of the animal’s life, such as reduction in milk yield, weight loss and knock on effects on fertility. We can help you with lameness treatment and prevention in the following ways:

  • Training your staff on lameness and foot trimming

  • Advise you on cubicle design

  • Lameness scoring

  • Footbathing regimes

  • Treatment protocols for: Solar ulcers, White line abscess, Foul in the foot & Digital dermatiti


We aim to keep mastitis, somatic cell counts and bactoscan below agreed targets. Our approach includes the assessment of:

  • Records

  • Milk samples using VetoRapid and Vale Laboratories

  • Parlour – including milking routine

  • Teat lesion examinations

  • Environment, including buildings, walkways and pasture

  • Cow management

  • Treatment protocol – including dry cow therapy


We will work in partnership with farmers and their nutritionists to ensure milk quality and meet production targets. Milk quality, milk yield, production diseases such as milk fever and displaced abomasums, lameness and fertility are all influenced by dietary formulation and presentation.