Overnight care at Animal Vets

Animal Vets provides its own 24 hour emergency cover, during which 2 veterinary surgeons are always on call.  However, since we are not a hospital facility, this document aims to help clarify the care your pet will receive.

  • All in-patients are routinely given a thorough examination at 6pm, at the end of the normal opening hours.
  • If the duty vet is different from the vet in charge of the case, then the case details and specifics are handed over.
  • Each patient has a personalised hospitalisation sheet, detailing the requirements through the night.
  • All in-patients are routinely checked again at 8pm and 10pm by the duty vet.
  • Any further checks/treatments during the night are determined based on the clinical needs of the patient.  Your pet will receive the exact level of care required, determined by the assessment of the vet in charge of the case.  These additional checks/treatments are clearly displayed on the hospitalisation sheet for the duty vet to see and adhere to.
  • Telephone updates during the night are made where appropriate but are not routine.
  • The next working day commences at 8am the following morning.