Treatment For Your Pet

If your pet is already ill, we will administer rapid treatment, causing as little distress as possible. In many cases, regular check-ups can lead to detection and specific treatment of diseases in their early stages.

At our main site we offer a full range of medical, surgical facilities.  We have 3 consultation rooms, a separate dental room, surgical suite, surgery preparation room, large kennel/cattery area, and laboratory, as well as very inviting reception/waiting area for you and your pet.

Our consultations are by appointment only and are at 15 minutes long, this allows a thorough examination and gives you time with the vet. We carry out all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery including alternative medical practices such as acupuncture, behavioural and homeopathy.

Animal Vets provides all aspects of care including vaccinations, neutering, health checks, nurse clinics, dentals, orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.


Outpatient treatment and advice:

  • General examinations and treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, other small rodents, ferrets and birds
    Check ups for dogs and cats
  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets
  • Health certificates and advice on foreign travel
  • Microchipping
  • Dietary advice for puppies, overweight animals, rodents, and in certain cases of illness (such as food allergies, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases)

Dental care and treatments

  • Ultrasonic plaque removal, orthodontics and extractions


  • Ultrasonic testing, a modern method of detecting certain diseases, tumours and pregnancy


  • X-ray examination to diagnose fractures, detect foreign bodies, internal diseases (bladder or kidney stones) and tumours

Laboratory diagnostics

  • Blood analyses for testing for diabetes, kidney and other diseases
  • Fungal and bacterial infection tests
  • Microscopic examination for various parasites in blood, faeces or on the skin
  • Tests for the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline AIDS (FIV)
  • Urine status and sediment
  • Allergy testing


  • Neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and rodents
  • Soft tissue surgery, from cancer operations to stomach rotation and splenectomy
  • Orthopedic surgery including fracture repair and management of canine anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Overnight Animal Care

Animal Vets provides its own 24 hour emergency cover, during which two veterinary surgeons are always on call. However, we are not a hospital facility, and this section aims to help clarify the care your pet will receive if it needs to stay overnight.

  • All in-patients are routinely given a thorough examination at 6pm, at the end of the normal opening hours.
    If the duty vet is different from the vet in charge of the case, then the case details and specifics are handed over.
  • Each patient has a personalised hospitalisation sheet, detailing the requirements through the night.
  • All in-patients are routinely checked again at 8pm and 10pm by the duty vet.
  • Any further checks/treatments during the night are determined based on the clinical needs of the patient. Your pet will receive the exact level of care required, determined by the assessment of the vet in charge of the case. These additional checks/treatments are clearly displayed on the hospitalisation sheet for the duty vet to see and adhere to.
  • Telephone updates during the night are made where appropriate but are not routine.
  • The next working day commences at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Farm Animal Veterinary Services

We constantly strive to provide the highest level of veterinary care available to our clients. Here’s what we offer:

  • Planned health and fertility visits – battery operated scanner
  • Routine dis-budding, dehorning and castrating
  • Whole herd investigation including mastitis, lameness, nutrition and disease outbreak
  • Herd Health Planning and disease surveillance
  • Vaccination protocols
  • Bull health check, fertility testing and semen assessment
  • 24 hour emergency care – vet answers on call phone
  • Farmers meetings and walks
  • Monthly newsletters including offers and promotions


Lameness will affect other aspects of the animal’s life, such as reduction in milk yield, weight loss and knock on effects on fertility. We can help you with lameness treatment and prevention in the following ways:

  • Training your staff on lameness and foot trimming
  • Advise you on cubicle design
  • Lameness scoring
  • Footbathing regimes
  • Treatment protocols for: Solar ulcers, White line abscess, Foul in the foot & Digital dermatitis.



We aim to keep mastitis, somatic cell counts and bactoscan below agreed targets. Our approach includes the assessment of:

  • Records
  • Milk samples using VetoRapid and Vale Laboratories
  • Parlour – including milking routine
  • Teat lesion examinations
  • Environment, including buildings, walkways and pasture
  • Cow management
  • Treatment protocol – including dry cow therapy


We will work in partnership with farmers and their nutritionists to ensure milk quality and production meet targets. Milk quality, milk yield, production diseases such as milk fever and displaced abomasums, lameness and fertility are all influenced by dietary formulation and presentation.